What our clients say

We get great results in lettings. Here are some stats to prove it.


(source: Rethink Marketing survey of landlords (70 respondents), Oct 2018)

Finding a new tenant was always very efficient. - Landlord, Griffin Road, Clevedon

Keeping me informed of anything going on with my property while I am out of the country. This is very reassuring for me. - Landlord, Sawyers Court, Clevedon

Very friendly and helpful. - Landlord, Albert Road, Clevedon

I have always been kept informed of any problems and solutions. - Landlord, Cannons Gate, Clevedon

Sorts out problems with property very quickly by communicating with me as soon as possible and getting quotes sorted out quickly. - Landlord, Marine Pde, Clevedon

Finding good tenants when it is necessary. - Landlord, Linden Road, Clevedon.

Ensures that the rent is paid on time. - Landlord, Holland Road, Clevedon.

Make letting your property easy. - Landlord, Cannons Gate, Clevedon

Keep on top of tenants when things need doing. - Landlord, Wemberham Cres, Clevedon

Give me peace of mind as I live abroad and I am happy that between Mark Templer and my father I have no doubts regarding my property. - Landlord, Homeground, Clevedon

Straight forward and useful communication. - Landlord, Elton Road, Clevedon

Very efficient letting staff. - Landlord, Hayward Close, Clevedon

What it "Says on the Tin" they find tenants and let properties "Exceedingly Well". - Landlord, Coleridge Vale Road North, Clevedon

They know the market well, and are able to find new tenants quickly. - Landlord, Victoria Road, Clevedon

Advise me when any work needs to be carried out on the house and organise cost-effective work. - Landlord, Grange Farm Road, Yatton

Manage well any issues I don't want to deal with. - Landlord, Marine Parade, Clevedon

Personal service, they all know me and are helpful and friendly to deal with. Quality of tenant also excellent. - Landlord, Hill Road, Clevedon

Staying in touch, getting new tenants quickly, great staff. - Landlord, Lower Linden Road, Clevedon

We live abroad so were concerned how that would work out. Debbie reassured us and it works very well. Would highly recommend MT letting and buying/selling. Make us feel like a person and not just an income. - Landlord, Lower Down Road, Portishead

Keep in contact promptly and efficiently but only when needed. - Landlord, Blackthorn Square, Clevedon

Deal with issues promptly and resolve problems when they arise. - Landlord, Old Park Road, Clevedon

Good all round company in sales and letting. - Landlord, Stonebridge, Clevedon

Property checks and keeping up to date with annual checks on boilers/electrics etc. - Landlord, Turners Way, Clevedon

Keep in touch and deal with issues promptly so we have confidence that things are under control. Always pleasant and friendly. - Landlord, Kirwan House, Clevedon

Find excellent tenants for our property. - Landlord, Durbin Park Road, Clevedon

Prompt and efficient in responding. - Landlord, Holland Road, Clevedon

Very good front of house. You get to feel that they know and understand you. - Landlord, Salthouse Road, Clevedon

Good communication, good branding and advertising. Forward rent promptly! - Landlord, Salthouse Road, Clevedon

The staff I have dealt with are always helpful and have both my and the tenants interest at heart. - Landlord, Ruddymead, Clevedon

Plentiful base of tenants. - Landlord, Queens Road, Clevedon

Always helpful and will go out of their way to assist if they can. - Landlord, Oldfield, Clevedon

Arrange rental increases promptly. - Landlord, Bellevue Road, Clevedon

Keep me up to date with my property on a regular basis. - Landlord, Clevedon

Gives me confidence that they look after my property and tenants. - Landlord, Chipping Cross, Clevedon

Regular and clear communication. Always very helpful and understanding. - Landlord, Chapel Hill, Clevedon

Communicate and deal with problems. - Landlord, Sheldon Close, Clevedon

Good communication with the landlord. - Landlord, Old Church Road, Clevedon

Keep me informed of inspections and any problems. Phone me in emergency situations Organise for tradesmen to make repairs etc. Provide me with a stress-free rental process. - Landlord, Wells Road, Clevedon

Present themselves in a polite and professional manner. Excellent local knowledge of Clevedon. Much better than other estate agent not a million doors away from MT (you know who we mean). - Landlord, Dawes Road, Clevedon

Send rent promptly. - Landlord, Station Road, Clevedon

Respond quickly to our queries and you feel they listen. They are also very helpful especially during the sale of my property. - Landlord, Coxway, Clevedon

Always available to answer any questions. Always polite, pleasant and very easy to deal with. Very efficient and quick to deal with any issues that may arise. - Landlord, Longacre, Clevedon

Always available to answer any questions. Always polite, pleasant and very easy to deal with. Very efficient and quick to deal with any issues that may arise. - Landlord, Longacre, Clevedon

Communication with client - fast and professional. - Landlord, Chestnut Grove, Clevedon

Keeps you in the loop. Chasing and reminding so that whole process goes as smoothly as possible. - Landlord, Central Way, Clevedon

Generally always polite and professional, but feel friendly and not corporate. - Landlord, Madeira Road, Clevedon

Gives you no hassle. - Landlord, The Triangle, Clevedon

They always know who you are when going into the office. - Landlord, Deer Mead, Clevedon

Good at sending prompt payments to landlord. - Landlord, Newlands Green, Clevedon

Keep me informed and up to date on all matters relating to my property. - Landlord

As a first time landlord, we feel that we have had lots of valuable help and advice throughout the whole process, from buying the house in the first place ( a massive, emotional step for us) right through finding tenants to ongoing maintenance and property checks. - Landlord, Hayward Close, Clevedon

Always very efficient and approachable, very personal service. - Landlord, Hestercombe Close, Weston Village

Communication. Continuity (same staff dealing with customer). - Landlord, Westfield, Clevedon