Making your home look its best

Making your home look its Sunday best is crucial to ensuring it stands out from the others available at the time. Here’s how we do that…

Photos - particularly important

The old saying of ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ is particularly true when it comes to marketing properties! We take great care to capture your property to look its finest –using the best angles and good lighting. Take a look at our properties to see for yourself…

Fantastic, informative, colour, magazine style property brochures

Although the internet is an important search-tool, giving buyers a well-designed and well-written brochure for your property is an important part of making them ‘feel good’ about it.

We believe we are one of the few agents who still mail details in colour in paper form. (Sorry, not very green but very effective!)

Call the doctor

You’ve seen on TV how a ‘house doctor’ can transform the sales prospects of some properties. Well it really can work, especially if a property is, well, a little bit cluttered!

We can bring our own house doctor to your property, to help show your home at its best! Speak to us if you think this could be useful for you…?