Family favourites

Helping Families Move

Our team have huge experience of helping families move home, and have given a lot of thought to making buying and selling easier for busy families…

Working with busy family lives

School pick up, tea time, children’s clubs or just time to rest – we will always try and fit appointments around you.

To accommodate this we are open longer – 9am - 6pm on Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays. We are always trying to do more!

Giving families the information they need

Our stunning new property details give families the information they need – the distance to parks, playgrounds, schools, nurseries, even the beach, sports centre, and the cinema!. Your property brochure will show buyers what the parking is like and even the distance to the nearest late night shop!

What’s more every property has a floorplan, allowing buyers to see your property’s shape, layout, room sizes and ‘flow’.

By giving lots of information about a property upfront, we hope to minimise the number of wasted viewings and maximise quality viewings with well-informed buyers, creating a quicker sale!